Customer Comments

We really appreciate hearing back from our customers and enjoy their excitement and enthusiasm.  Below are some of our customer comments.  I know I have included too many for any one to read them all, but I just couldn't narrow them down. The comments reflect the great personality of our customers, many of whom we've gotten to know on a personal basis. So browse through, there are some classics!

To respect privacy, we used only initials.

Can't thank you enough Rob. Your hospitality is greatly appreciated and the outrageous wood you carry simply blows our minds.  You'll see us when we finish with this batch! (J.S.)

I received the blanks on Saturday and once again fabulous service and blanks even more incredible than the last ones.  I know now where I will get my blanks from now on. (J.G.)

"Just wanted to thank you - my blocks arrived today, and, as hard as it is for me to believe - they're even better in person! They arrived ahead of orders I placed with other knife supply companies before contacting you - amazing service, thank you very much. You've got another regular!" (G.B.)

"This morning you have made me a very happy man! Both sets of scales are excellent. The colour and the definition is better than I expected. I will keep them next to my bed and admire them for a couple of days before I send them on to the knife maker." (P.K.)

"I received your package today and just wanted to take a moment and let you know how pleased I am. Ordering "in the dark" like this always makes me nervous and I've had mixed results in the past, but this was a great experience. Thanks for being so conscientious about my order. If you ever need a reference, feel free to send them my way!" (G.A.)

"Thank you for making such a great choice on my B-day present. I don't know if it's good or bad that I, well my wife and I, can shop for great wood sight unseen. We do however appreciate it! The attention you pay to us as customers is really something it's just that type of attention is something rarely seen today." (A.R.)

"Thanks a lot Rob. I deal with a lot of wood suppliers, but you are easily the best. I can always count on amazing quality wood, you are always prompt in returning emails, and you ship faster than anyone else too. Just wanted you to know that I appreciate what you do for me." (A.B.)

"I got the blanks in the mail today and WOW they all were amazing! They looked every bit as good as the ones in the pictures which never seems to happen with other places. These will definitely need some high end kits. Thank you very much!!" (J.P.)

"WOW! Best blanks I have ever purchased. Thank you. Will definitely be a repeat customer." (S.B.)

"Got the shipment today - they are absolutely beautiful - rock hard and solid - Thanks for such a quality product - I think these will make some fantastic pens - Thanks also for getting those deep reds for me - I am completely happy!" (W.M.)

"Just wanted to let you know that I received my order today and all I can say is…. WOW!!!  I'm totally impressed with it and with the fact that what you see on your website is exactly what you send!  Even the 2nd's are beautiful and a lot better than some of the 'premium' stuff I have gotten elsewhere.  I will definitely be back.  I know I won't be your biggest buyer within a long shot…but I will be a loyal customer!"  (G.R.)

"It was pretty special what you guys did and it really means a lot to me.  I got the pieces yesterday, and they are truly beautiful. You're a class act and you can expect more business from me .... So we will definitely be in touch.  Thanx Again for your generosity and kindness." (T.R.)

"Just wanted to thank you for your quick service.  The wood I received was of the highest quality and I will certainly be a repeat customer.  I have already make a pen for the Raspberry Jam and it is one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever made.  I am a very satisfied customer." (B.K.)

"Your package arrived at my home Thursday afternoon.  I was flabbergasted at how quickly it arrived.  The wood is simply magnificent. I can't even imagine what some of it will look like when stained to bring out the eyes and curl and grain.  It was all perfect, so all I can say is thank you so very much." (M.J.)

"Box delivered this morning. As always your wood blanks are prime grade."  (C.K.)

"They delivered the package and i am very pleased with it, you sell good quality wood and your service is excellent. I will definitely be placing a new order in the coming weeks." (E.V.)

"Received box of pods today.  Very nice.  Thanks for the good selection and quick service."  (G.G.)

"Just a quick note to express my thanks for your excellent service and great product. Never having turned a thing in my life until very recently, you are exactly the kind of supplier a newcomer hopes to find. I have not hesitated to recommend you to my friends .... Thanks Again for your kind attention and service." (A.K.)

"Once again I made out like a bandit with goodies coming primarily from your shop, believe me there are no complaints here! I just wanted to thank you for the way you treat my family members, wife, daughter, and my in-laws. They all like dealing with you and say you're a "really nice guy." ... I, we, really appreciate you and your business and look forward to doing a lot more with you in the new year." (A.R.)

"WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Brother, those blanks look amazing to say the least. I am very happy and am already excited about ordering some more blanks." (R.L.)

"Holy Smokes, Rob!!! Talk about service!! lol The burls just got here. And I have to tell you that the pics did not do them justice! Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you very very much and Bad Dogs are now at the top of my list of wood suppliers. I'll be back soon for more." (S.P.)

"WOW. I just got home from a lousy day and found a big box on my desk full of some of the most beautiful wood I have ever seen. I do not know how to tell you thank you. I contacted you last week looking for a small amount of something that I had never seen to get the inspiration to build with, and this will keep me inspired for a long time to come. ... This is absolutely amazing. Thank you from the top of my heart. You will get photos to see what your wood grows up to be." (T.K.)

"Wow! Got them in the mail today! You rock on service. All of them look phenomenal. Can't wait to start turning." (J.V.)

"Got the burl today, I don't know whose palms you greased but wow that was incredibly fast shipping. ... Thanks a ton and you are my main wood supply guy from now on." (R.B.)

"They arrived today and are better, much better, than I expected. Thanks!!" (W.H.)

"I just wanted to say "THANKS" again for your kindness. We received the burls last night and they're great. Until next time," (A.R.)

"A bit late due to the holidays and such but I wanted to let you know the order arrived timely and in excellent shape. ... I will certainly be back for more and will recommend your site to folks looking for some nice pieces. Thanks again for the great service and beautiful product." (R.S.)

"I'm looking forward to checking out your wood, you come highly recommended. Thanks for the prompt service and great communication!" (D.M.)

"My order of pods was OUTSTANDING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Largest I have ever seen. If you would like to use me for a reference please do so." (D.G.)

"Package arrived and thank you So much for the bonus, it was incredible! No wonder the Only burl I buy is from you!" (M.M.)

"Just had back surgery this morning, and was knapping earlier. But I just went outside, and WOW!!! The wood arrived in today's mail....I don't know what to say!?!?!? As soon as I'm up to it, I'll be 'showing it off'..... The Desert Ironwood is the most amazing piece I've ever seen. I can tell you I'll be wanting more in the upcoming months!" (S.B.)

"The package arrived this morning in perfect shape. Many thanks once again for the great service. The Burls and blanks are stunning!! I can’t wait to get to my lathe!!" (M.M.)

"Wood arrived today. The blanks are beautiful. Thanks for being so quick with the order and for the extra pieces." (P.U.)

"Package arrived safely! All i have to say is wow!" (T.B.)

"I wanted to thank you again for taking care of me. I received the wood yesterday and when I saw the Karri I was just shocked at how beautiful it was. just looks like flames. amazing. Is this something you carry or was this just something you had stashed away? in any case, I will enjoy this and be back soon for more of all kinds!" (K.B.)

"A fun little box showed up today. This stuff is absolutely beautiful. I hope you've not been in business very long. Otherwise I feel about like an ass for having never found your site before. Product seems well stabilized (heavy for it's size) and the pictures on your website were exactly what I got. Thanks for the quick shipping and thanks for the "No Charge" extra piece. I'm not a big user of knife scales (I rehandle knives as a hobby), but I absolutely will be buying from you again." (A.M.)

"I just wanted to Thank You so very much for the INCREDIBLE pieces of burl you sent to me. I have been turning them with absolute joy -- they're fantastic!" (K.K.)

"I can't express how happy I am with the wood you've sent plus the high level of engagement you've so kindly provided in selecting just what I need. You certainly go above and beyond what's necessary. You have quickly become my first choice (and likely only choice unless you run out of wood) when I need this sort of material." (R.J.)

"Hi Rob.... just received the package and the burls are great! They are a gift for my father and I'm sure he will love them! I appreciate how easy and straight forward it has been doing business with you, we will certainly do business again." (A.R.)

"My wood came today and I just want to send you a BIG CYBER KISS!!!! You are so good to me, and I just really want to thank you! And of course your wife too!!! All I do anymore is play with wood. I wake up thinking about it and I dream of pretty grain." (P.S.)

"Thanks very much for getting this wood right to me!! Of course, I would expect nothing less than this from you. This is professionalism at it's finest. And the extras that you sent are FANTASTIC!!! The Curly Spalted Marri has waves and curls in it a lot like Sheoak!! I really like that. I'm sure that will get put into a really special knife. The Wandoo has some curl to it, too, I think. Wow. The Beefwood has some really nice grain, too! That was even before I got to the pieces that I ordered. The Red Mallee, the Koa and the York Gum Burl ALL look so much better in person than they did on the internet. I am very pleased, Rob. Thank you very much!!!" (K.A.)

"Yesterday I arrived home from a 24 hr shift at work and pulled out my order from bad dogs burl source. Little did I know what quality of wood was inside the package. I want to thank you for the beautiful wood I ordered along with the two extra pieces you included in my order at no extra charge. The wood is extraordinary and can't wait to see what they look like after turning. Thanks again for the great service and I look forward to doing business with you in the near future." (K.L.)

"The wood arrived yesterday. Wonderful pieces as always and thanks for the extra black ash burl! That will be a new species for me. Wonderful job of packaging too. You're too good to the woodturners of the world. Wish you much success. I'll be back," (R.O.)

"Hi Rob , Just wanted to let you know that I received the sheoak and minieritchi. Wow is an understatement. I'm sure we will be doing more business in the future. Thank you very much" (J.W.)

"Rob, The burls arrived today and I cannot thank you enough! Your selections are gorgeous and I can't wait to turn out some dynamite fly rod reel seats, my clients will be very pleased. I'll be back for more." (P.E.)

"Rob, the package arrived yesterday. I only have one thing to say. FANTASTIC. a customer for life." (J.R.)

"Oh damn. I looked at your site again. If you still have these I'll take these: .... I almost yet myself when I saw them." (M.S.)

"I received my package today, I can't thank you enough for the nice wood and the extra's you threw in, it's all beautiful. I will be sure to pass your name on to my fellow knifemaking friends for a source of beautiful wood. Once again THANKS for the wood and the quick/prompt/excellent service. This will hold me for a while but I can guarantee I'll be back." (D.D)

"First I would like to thank you. Its a pleasure to work with you I know you give all your customers this kind of service when do you find time for you and the family?" (J.R.)

"Received the wood today! Thanks for the super fast shipping. And the eucalyptus burl is amazing!! I'll definitely be contacting you for some of that when you're back from vacation." (J.F.)

"The wood I bought from you is just plain "eye candy" simply the prettiest burls I've ever seen. Along with the best and friendliest service I've ever had the pleasure of receiving. I will definitely be buying more from you in the future. Thank you!" (B.G.)

"Your site is like CRACK for me!!" (M.S.)

"Rob, thanks again, the selection you offer is top notch and your time and knowledge was much appreciated." (M.W.)

"I got the wood on Saturday! And I wanted to say thanks! These pieces are awesome! I never expected to receive so many pieces and of this quality. I don’t have many friends who do what I do, but if I ever run across anyone who needs something like this, I will point them straight to you! I will probably purchase most every piece I turn from you. Thanks again, it’s nice to do business with someone out there who has good business practices!" (D. M.)

"thx bro, the wood came today, man am I pleased, will be doing business with bad dogs from here on out." (K.F.)

"Just a quick note to let you know that my burls arrived today. Haven't had a chance to cut into anything ... but from what I can see they're going to be great. Thanks for the prompt shipping, great customer service and all the freebies you threw in as well. It has truly been a pleasure doing business with you....cutting into these things is going to be a lot of fun, I think. Thanks again for all the time you put into this order, it is appreciated." (P.A.)

"I thank you for the tasmanian blackheart sassafras burl pen blanks you sold me, they were just like the picture. I really appreciate the free pieces you also sent me. This probably, no it definitely is, the best place burls I have ever seen and your prices are really fair. Thanks again for such fast service in sending the wood to me." (B.C.)

"Package arrived today. I just got home and unwrapped the pen blanks to take a look ..... some great looking stuff in there! Thanks for some wonderful wood." (M.S.)

"The last shipment from you was great. I just got back from one of my biggest shows of the year in Santa Fe, New Mexico. People loved the Box Elder. The Mahogany I got from you was the first one to sell." (N.H.)

"I got your package today and I got to say that I am happy as can be. I won't be a big customer but I will be a customer for life. ... Thanks again" (W.H.)

"I received the bowl burls two days ago and they were exactly what I was expecting. I finished up two more bowls last week. They should sell quite quickly. (J.T.)

"These burls look gorgeous! Hey, thanks so much; i mean it....anyone who comes my way lookin for burl is going to you..." (J.G.)

"I received my wonderful box of wood yesterday afternoon. It looks great and thanks for the extra pieces! Can't wait till it's all turned. ... Love the T shirt. Now at shows when people ask where I get my wood from I'll just have to point to my shirt!" (R.O.)

"Just wanted to thank you for the very fine blanks. I have included a pic of the large maple burl I got from you. it turned out very nice and I am sending it off to England on Monday to a very happy customer. Thanks again and I will definitely do business with you in the future." (J.H.)

"I received the blanks today, and they look as good as what other sources consider premium. ... Thanks for your great service as well as the free blanks." (R. D.)

"I got your/my package and wow. Didn't expect that much wood. I plan to send you pictures of all the bowls I turn from the taz wood. ... I grab that one this afternoon and turned out a real beauty. Take care and I'll be in touch!" (B.N.)

"The package got here in great shape -- best packing I've ever seen from a wood supplier. Thanks for the small pieces -- will be fun to see what they turn out like." (J.H.)

"Just received my shipment of wood! Thanks a bunch! Those two larger box elder burl blocks have amazing figure and I will be able to get quite a number of sets of knife scales/blocks from just those themselves. Some pieces will be more usable then others of what you sent me, but with all of the extra blocks you sent me the worth of everything far surpasses what I paid. I am VERY happy with all of the pieces. Thank you very much for sending some extra knife handle size blocks with the order; each one of those pieces are great and will make beautiful handles. ... you can definitely expect orders from me in the future. That black ash block you sent me has amazing figure and I'm definitely going to have to get some in the future. Again, thanks for everything! It was a pleasure doing business with you!" (R.F.)

"Geez, you guys just keep getting some of the best blanks I've seen. ...Can't wait to see what you get in the shipment from Aussie." (B.M.)

"The order arrived today in great shape and I'm delighted with the purchase! Thanks very much." (J.G.)

"I got the wood shipment today. Everything was in good condition-- I liked all of the pieces. Thanks for sending it so quickly. ... Thanks for helping me make selections and for your efforts to find the right materials for me." (T.M.)

"By the way, love all the wood I purchased. I've rough turned most of it. It will be going to shows and galleries this summer. I'll be back for more." (R.O.)

"The will to help your customers honors you .... thanks for all" (R.R.)

"Came in for lunch today and there in the floor was this huge box. Wow!! That wood is awesome!! The Eucalyptus piece is way cool and I could see a nice NE right off the bat, it's going to be nice to, high on one side low on the other. The ash burl and musk are way cool too. Those pods are larger than what I expected also. Thanks so much and I see you getting many of orders coming from me. Thanks Again Rob!!!" (B.M.)

Customer Comments